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3D & 5 Axis Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Company is a leading provider of custom precision 3D laser cutting services to the OEM and replacement part markets.

3D laser cutting is used to cut slots, holes, corners, and other features in parts such as tubes, channels, angles, and beams. Using a 5-axis laser cutter, 3-D laser cutting is fast, precise, and repeatable. Multi-axis machinery can produce precision parts with complex geometries and surface features in one process.

3D Laser Cutting Complete

Our 3D 5-Axis laser-cutting capabilites include:

  • Custom shapes and complex geometries
  • High repeatability in production
  • Parts up to 60” x 120” x 40”
  • Maximum thickness to 0.394"
  • Tolerances to +/-.010", up to +/-.005" for certain parts and material
  • Minimal work hardening and metal distortion on completed parts 
  • Rapid turnaround, with overnight delivery available for rush orders 
  • Short runs through full production 
  • Same-day quotes 

We manufacture a wide range of parts, including:

  • Fasteners
  • Springs
  • Brackets
  • Shims/spacers
  • Custom products


3D Laser Cutting in Progress


For over 30 years, Laser Cutting has manufactured high quality custom metal parts to the tightest tolerances. We utilize the latest 3D laser technologies to provide our customers with parts that meet or exceed their expectations. We deliver value on all of our projects with unmatched quality products supported by superior customer service at competitive prices. We serve all industries, including the automotiveaerospaceheavy equipmentmilitary, agricultural, medical, and power generation industries.

Laser Cutting Company has the expertise and experience to manufacture a precision laser-cut part that meets your exact specifications and delivers it production-ready, on-time, and at cost. Call or contact us today to learn how we can solve your manufacturing challenges.

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Laser Cutting Company, Inc uses modern high powered lasers for precision cutting from prototype through production with the highest quality products, fastest service, and competitive pricing.

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Laser Cutting Company, Inc. provides metal laser cutting services for customers in the Michigan area around the world.


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