Fiber Optic & CO2 Lasers

2D Fiber Optic Laser Cutter

Fiber Optic & CO2 Lasers

2D Lasers

  • Mazak Super Turbo-X510 MKII 2500 watt C02
  • Mazak Turbo –X510 Champion 1500 watt C02
  • Mazak Hyper Gear 4000 watt C02
  • Mazak Optiplex 3015 4000 watt C02
  • Mazak Optiplex 3015 Fiber III 10,000 watt Laser
  • Mitsubishi ML3015ex-F60 6000 watt Fiber Optic
  • Trumpf L3030 4000 watt C02

3D Lasers

  • Mazak Super Turbo-x510-3D 1500 watt C02.
  • Mazak Super Turbo-x510-3D 2000 watt C02

Additional Information

All 2D machines are fitted with a 60” x 120” table.

The larger table size allows the machines to use larger sheets for better part yields and to accommodate larger parts.

The Trumpf, Mitsubishi and Mazak Fiber lasers are equipped with pallet changing technology.

The pallet changing technology allows the machine to utilize a two table system, so that the material is consistently shuttling in and out for reduced down time.

Mitsubishi Laser has a 16 rack material handling automation system.

The material handling automation system allows up to 16 different material types and thicknesses to be auto-loaded to the laser using job scheduling software.

Both 3D Lasers are fitted with multi-table shuttle systems.

Both the 1500 watt and 2000 watt Mazak 3D machines utilize a three table layout system, so that multiple jobs can be set-up and left for repeat orders.

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