Laser Cutting for Energy Industry


The unique materials and needs of the energy industry have created an exciting new application for laser cutting technology that is tailor-made for the exceptionally precise cutting abilities that lasers provide.


Through our years of laser cutting experience, we have carefully honed our abilities and skills. We understand that machined parts for the energy industry need to be extraordinarily precise and free from defects, roughness, and burrs that can be created by the conventional machining of exotic materials. 

Additionally, when cutting laminations for rotors, stators, and other parts for the energy industry, the materials used must be handled appropriately in order not to degrade their capabilities.

Laser Cutting for Energy Industry


Silicon Steel Cutting

Silicon steel is, much like its name suggests, steel that has had silicon added to it. While it is less susceptible to corrosion, the main use for silicon steel within the energy industry is to lower the hysteresis loss (energy loss due to heat) of the steel and allow the steel to build and maintain a magnetic field.

Rotor and Stator Laminations

The precision of laser cutting is an exceptional technology when applied to rotor laminations and stator laminations. When laminations are assembled into rotors and stators, these parts must match precisely, free from every defect, particularly when used for energy industry applications. The extraordinarily smooth finish and extreme accuracy of laser cutting provides the accuracy and efficiency that meet the unique needs of the energy industry.

Laser Cutting Materials with Electrical Properties

The energy and power industries depend on precisely machined parts, from large components to smaller pieces, with a high degree of intricacy. Additionally, many of the parts created are from special materials with electrical properties. These materials must be handled properly in order to avoid damaging or degrading their capabilities. Laser cutting, expertly used, is the process of choice for these materials.


  • Silicon steels
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Inconel


All of Laser Cutting Company’s services and processes are delivered in full compliance with ISO 9001 certification standards.


Laser Cutting Company handles projects of all sizes for the unique needs of the energy industry, including silicon steel cutting, rotor laminations, stator laminations, and laser cutting materials with electrical properties. Our streamlined processes mean that we have the flexibility to respond quickly, from providing quotes within twenty-four hours to quick turnarounds for your projects. Part edits are handled in-house, and we provide a full spectrum of services—from programming to fixturing and cutting for parts ranging in size from large to extremely intricate and detailed. Every process and service is aimed to exceed our customers’ expectations, in full compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

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