Laser Cutting Automotive Parts

Laser Cutting for Automotive Parts 

As the leader in laser cutting and metal forming services, Laser Cutting Company is proud to partner with automotive industries worldwide.  The use of laser cutting automotive parts in the automotive industry has been a revolutionary way to achieve extraordinary efficiency and extreme precision. Early uses of laser cutting to craft thousands of automotive parts with high degrees of precision was a huge step forward for the industry.


Today’s use of laser cutting applications—such as the creation of each panel fixture, the unparalleled accuracy that 5-axis cutting provides, and highly efficient blank trimming—have enhanced the productivity of the automotive industry to an even greater extent. Laser Cutting Company has the experience and background to leverage these technologies for greater efficiency, no matter the project size, from samples to full runs.

Laser Cutting Automotive Parts


Note the wide variety of materials represented by the applications on this list. One of the extraordinary benefits of laser cutting automotive parts is the wide range of materials that are able to be cut cleanly and precisely.

  • Floor Pans
  • Floor Rails and Roof Rails
  • Reinforcements
  • Frame Rails and Cross members
  • Hoods
  • Roofs
  • Fins and Fenders
  • Doors and Lift Gates
  • Body Sides
  • Heat Shields
  • Hot Stamped Components
  • Seating Frames, Brackets, and Components
  • Air Bag Components 


Our laser cutting processes for automotive parts are in full compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

The process of laser cutting automotive parts takes place in a controlled environment. With appropriate protective gear, this greatly minimizes the risk of injury to operators as compared to conventional cutting tools such as blades. Additionally, laser-cut surfaces such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, high-strength low alloys, and metals such as copper, bronze, and brass feature smoother edges than materials cut in other ways.
By managing the raw materials and power consumption required to utilize and finish those materials, laser cutting provides a major boost to manufacturing in the automotive industry. The smooth, precise cuts created by a laser allow for less material waste in the automotive manufacturing processes. Additionally, the power required for laser cutting is low. With fewer moving parts, downtime is reduced, significantly boosting the efficiency of energy and human capital.
Laser cutting automotive parts ensure that cuts are made to exact specifications. If changes need to be made, they can be made much more quickly and accurately. As cars become more advanced, smaller parts need to be cut precisely—a much easier feat with laser cutting. The precision of laser cuts is crucial when working with 3D shapes, and this is an application where laser cutting truly stands out as providing a superior cut.


Traditional cutting methods require substantial lead time and higher production runs to justify costs. Laser cutting is quick to configure on the fly. At Laser Cutting Company, we leverage that flexibility for your benefit. Along with providing you with a quote within twenty-four hours and fast turnaround, we can easily scale to provide one-off projects up through full production runs. In-house part edits are no problem, and we provide full product development support through to the sampling process. We exceed customers’ expectations in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

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